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Thai & European Food
in one of Bangkok's more unusual restaurants

Khao Tom 555
Khao tom is of Chinese origin, as are most
of the side dishes that are eaten with it.
More over you can order a wide variety
of Thai and Chinese food. 
Isan food is famous for being very spicy and pungent,
seasoned with fresh herbs and fermented fish (plah
rah), featuring some of Thailand's spiciest salads and
of cause " Chim Chum"

The Witch Antiques


European Antiques, Clocks & Collectibles
Antique, Classic's, Vintage Clocks, Brick &Brack, etc . . .
Interior advise "A grade" Service and Maintenance

Chino Thai clinic Health care based on Eastern
(and Western) medical methodologies.
Physiotherapy - Acupuncture - Chinese herbal
medicine - Qigong - etc . . .

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